man faced with crisis

Lessons From Crisis

Thinking about a crisis I faced about 5 years ago where I had suffered burn out that led me to resign from work as I could no longer function and at the same time a business my friends and I had built, which was to be my retirement plan, collapsed. I was discouraged and depressed, […]

variety of shavers

Lessons From A Selfie Haircut

I have not been able to visit a barber shop since the enactment of protocols to address the Covid 19 pandemic.  2 weeks in I decide to and succeeded at shaving myself.  My reflection from this change was that I need to assess if the services I offer will still be required when the protocols […]


Lesson Learnt From An Early Morning Bike Ride

Cycling has been one the ways I have chosen to keep fit but as I prefer to run, I have been a fairly inconsistent cyclist.  I therefore recently joined a group of early morning cyclists who regularly cycle about 5 times a week.  I did so with some trepidation but when I heard some would […]