man faced with crisis

Lessons From Crisis

Thinking about a crisis I faced about 5 years ago where I had suffered burn out that led me to resign from work as I could no longer function and at the same time a business my friends and I had built, which was to be my retirement plan, collapsed. I was discouraged and depressed, […]

clock is ticking

Arise, Shine, Invest, Act

One of the frustrations of this Covid 19 Pandemic season is the lack a voice that gives clear direction, that facilitates our confronting brutal facts yet retaining hope, that calls us to courage, unity, and kindness.  My frustration is compounded by the fact that in point this out 4 fingers point at me as I […]

Close up of prisoner hands in jail

Stockdale Paradox

Admiral Jim Stockdale spent 8 years in what is referred as the Hanoi Hilton as a prisoner of war during the height of the Vietnam war.  When asked by author Jim Collins “Who did not make it out?” He answered, “The optimists”.  This is because the optimists believed things would get better fast and because […]

A strong seedling growing in the center trunk of cut stumps. tree ,Concept of support building a future focus on new life

The Good In A Crisis

When I looked back at the effect crises, I have gone through have had on my life I recognized some have made me bitter whilst others left me better. It was not the type of crisis that caused the difference in impact rather it was my response to the crisis I was going through. When […]