One early morning in July 2020, I fell off a bicycle and dislocated my shoulder. Little did I know that I also tore tendons in my shoulder. I learnt this just over 2 months ago and had to have surgery to repair the damage. Adjusting to operating in a sling has brought home some valuable lessons. I will share 3.

  • There are many small and seemingly insignificant things we take for granted whose importance is realised when we lose them. I have begun to appreciate being able to easily tie a belt, to turn over in bed, to have 2 hands available when taking a shower. Let us take moments in our journeys to our goals to appreciate what we have today – family, friends, health, world around us. Tell someone how much you appreciate them
  • Life is about season. There are seasons that come when we who could get things done need help. Sometimes even in those things that we had become proficient in. An example for me was though the last need help to tie my shoelaces was in kindergarten. That was until I had my accident and my wife and at times my children have had to help me tie my laces. Even to butter my bread. In your journey be open for help in the most unlikely areas and from the most unlikely sources. To do so cultivate the humility to accept your need, to ask and receive help. Be compassionate now for in your time of need you will want to receive compassion.
  • Final lesson is that we have been blessed with the capacity to adapt. I can now wash my right armpit with my right hand. I have found ways to dry my back with only one hand. Loss is hard but god has equipped us with the capacity to innovate and adapt. If you are in a space where you are grappling with loss take heart good will in time come from it as you innovate and adapt.

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