Close up of prisoner hands in jail

Admiral Jim Stockdale spent 8 years in what is referred as the Hanoi Hilton as a prisoner of war during the height of the Vietnam war.  When asked by author Jim Collins “Who did not make it out?” He answered, “The optimists”.  This is because the optimists believed things would get better fast and because they did not these optimists died of a broken heart.  How do you make it through a crisis?  How did Admiral Stockdale make it through having no rights, being tortured over 20 torture times and no timelines of when he would be free again? The insight, the principal that sustained him is captured in what is now referred to as the Stockdale Paradox: You Must Retain the Faith You Will Prevail In The End Regardless Of the Difficulties And At The Same Time Confront The Brutal Facts Of Your Current Reality. Confront the facts yet retain the faith. As you confront the brutal facts I pray that this song will encourage you to keep the faith.   

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