variety of shavers

I have not been able to visit a barber shop since the enactment of protocols to address the Covid 19 pandemic.  2 weeks in I decide to and succeeded at shaving myself.  My reflection from this change was that I need to assess if the services I offer will still be required when the protocols are lifted or will my customers have discovered that they can do it themselves or can leverage technology to do the tasks I did, either would render me irrelevant. You too should reflect on whether you or your business face similar risks and if you are, what are you doing to address them.

The second lesson was occasioned by a cycling accident 2 weeks ago that left me with a dislocated shoulder.  I am healing following treatment but still largely confined to the use of 1 hand. 2 weeks without a shaving and I really wanted one.  I thought of calling my barber but decided to try a onehanded shave and succeed.  I learnt that need combined with will makes a way.

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