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On my way back home for a bike ride I saw a woman begging along Ngong Road in Nairobi.  Laying next to her was her daughter who to my eyes was the same age as my 11-year-old daughter who I had left in bed at home.  I was moved to help, rode up to where she was seated and asked what she would need so that she and her daughter could get off the streets.  Her first response was one of denial, saying she was there only to enjoy the sun, yet I could see she had a begging bowl.  I sensed she was suspicious of me, why did I not do what everyone else did: drop some coins or maybe hand over a note and move on.  Why the questions? Was I someone in authority looking to arrest her? As I persisted, she did not give me an answer but launched into a tirade about how what had led her to the street from unfair landlord to gangs stealing from her.  She had fallen so far, life had so battered and broken her that she could not tell me what she would need to get back on her feet.  Unable to get an answer I gave her what I could, some money, and rode home.  As I reflected later, I realised to help her, and others broken like she was I would need to somehow immerse myself in their world in order understand the issue and hence the intervention.  I could not come in with a messiah know it all mentality seeking to help at my own terms.  I would need to be patient and humble to learn so as to be effective in my assistance.  The question I must answer, and you should too if you wish to help, is whether we have patience, humility, and the stamina to listen, to learn, to engage and to stay the course.

During this season that the world has had to grapple with the effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic, my daughter has had to grapple with grief.  In the space of 1 month she lost 3 pet rabbits upon who she had lavished her love.  She was grieving, brokenhearted and hurting.  I had gotten her the rabbits and did what I could to help her look after them, but I did not have the attachment or love she had for them.  But I loved my daughter and her pain was my pain and so her mum and I embraced her trusting that in the security of our love she would find healing.  She did.

There are many who have lost much due Covid 19 pandemic or even before it.  You have lost a business you had invested both your life energy and resources to build, you have lost a job, you have lost a relationship, you have lost freedoms, you have lost a loved one.  As you grieve remember that you have a loving Father, our Lord and God, who arms are open to embrace you.  In the security that His loving arms provide you will find rest and healing.  David wrote in Psalms 23: Even though I walk through the very valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for You (God) are with me.  Your rod and staff comfort me.  May God comfort you as remain leaning on His everlasting arms.

During his play time my son injured his foot and the wound become infected. I took him to hospital and part of the treatment was a tetanus injection.  My son hates and fears injections, but he needed to have it for the sake of his health.  When he saw the needle, the crying began, and he tried to run off.  I had to hold him down, as he fought and screamed to allow the nurse to inject him.  Could you be in the same situation as my son?  Your actions or the actions of others have wounded you emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  You need and are going through a painful intervention necessary for your healing.  In your pain you are wondering where is my God? He maybe the one holding you down as you scream and fight to allow you to get the healing therapy you need painful as it is.  Rest in His arms confident of His love, knowing He is for you.

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