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Did you get into those fights in school that began with ‘hit the stone from my hand’ or ‘cross this line’?  I had a few, one which came to mind recently.  I cannot remember the cause of the fight, but I remember the fight because it was one of the few I had in primary school and one of the fewer still that I won. I was in standard 5, about to turn 11 years and the fight was with Wachira.  I had height and weight advantage.  Somehow, I managed to grab his arms and with me as a pivot I spun him a couple of times and released.  He landed in a heap, dazed and dizzy; fight over without a single blow.  Size had won the day.  There was another mismatch that took place 3,000 years ago that took place in place called the Valley of Elah.  The protagonists were one side the Philistines’ battle-hardened Champion Goliath of Gath and on the other a 17-year-old shepherd boy David son of Jesse. 

Goliath’s battle strategy leveraged all the amazing battle assets he had.  His physical size, defensive protection afforded by reinforced scale armour and shield, an attack arsenal of a sword, a bronze javelin and a one of a kind spear whose iron head tip weighed 7kg.  This was the best weaponry of the day and this giant had won every fight using these battle assets. He believed he was invincible as he strode into the battle with every confidence.  Is this how your challenges seem to you? Huge bold, aggressive, loud, invincible

The shepherd boy David came into the battle without the weapons of the day.  Israel had only 2 swords available to the entire army, and these belonged to King Saul and his son Jonathan.  David had tried Saul’s sword and it did not work for him.  So, he went into battle with a sling and 5 stones.  The picture below shows what the match up must have looked like for those watching.

But the shepherd boy had an unseen asset captured in the answer he gave to the Philistine giants taunts – “You come to me against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel whom you have defined.  We all know the battle ended with the defeat of the giant.

Today we all have battles to fight and how we fight will determine our outcome

• Will you depend primarily on your abilities, your expertise, and the best tools available today or will you depend on God?

• Will you spend your time analysing both the size and the weapons your enemy has, as the Israelites did, or will you instead focus on God who have given you victory again and again?

In these challenging times we face may our focus be on God.

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